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Country Clipper Edge XLT

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  • Country-Clipper_XLT-Joy-48
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The Country Clipper Edge XLT is equipped with an adjustable padded foam seat, providing lasting comfort for large yards. Plus, the extra wide front step makes it easier to get on and off your mower.

The Edge XLT is upgraded with our pivoting front axle and deck. The deck and front tires float freely from the frame of the mower, which reduces gouging when mowing on uneven ground and improves your ride.

The Edge XLT is equipped with our stand-up deck. It has never been easier to access the underside of the deck for cleaning and maintenance. This also gives you easy access to the spindles, which are field serviceable so you can get back to mowing quickly.


Country Clipper Edge XLT

  • 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 or 26 HP Kohler 7000 Series Engine 48”, 52″ or 60” Cutting Width

  • 5 Gallon Fuel Tank

  • Joystick or Twin Lever Steering

  • Wide Front Step

  • Stand-Up Deck

  • Pivoting Front Axle & Deck

  • Easy to Learn 

  • Fun to Use!

Innovative Deck Design Edge XLT

  • Easy Access to Underside of Deck for Maintenance and Cleaning

  • No Tools Needed

  • Process Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

  • Laminated Deck Construction

  • Welded 14 Gauge Steel Shell

  • Reinforced with 10 Gauge Steel Plates

  • Protective Bullnose on Leading Edge of Deck

  • High Impact Anti-Scalp Rollers


  • Joystick Steering
  • Stand-Up Deck
  • Twin Lever Steering

Standard Features : Hour Meter, Electric Start, Arm Rest, Cup Holder, Front Step

Kawasaki FR730:  24.5hp, Kohler 7000 Series: 26hp
5 gallon
Hydro-Gear ZT-2800
Rear Tires: 20 x 12-10, Front Tires: 13 x 5-6
8 mph
depending on the model: 48" to 60"
Depending on the model: 17" to 21"

Warranty Summary
for Residential Use Only

5 Year Limited Warranty:

First 2 years Parts & Labor
3rd Parts
4th & 5th year Frame & Deck Weldment, Parts

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